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Acrosalenia hemicidaroides

(regular sea-urchins with spines)

Middle Jurassic

Origin: Landaville, France

Size: 28 x 17 cm. Weight: 4820 gr.

Price: 100,-



Crinoid, Comaturella pinnata.
Upper Jurassic. Solnhofen area, Southern Germany.
Length of the specimen: appr. 12 cm.
Slab: 17.5x13.5 cm.

Weight: 806 gr. Price: 345,-



Echinoid, Hemipneustes striatoradiatus.

Late Cretaceous, Maastricht, The Netherlands,

Max. length 8 cm, Weight: 300 gr. Price: 25,-



Sea urchins with spines, Acrosalenia hemicidaroides

(ca. 40x). Middle Jurassic, Landaville, France.

19x13 cm, 1642 gr. Price: 250,-



Regular sea urchins with spines,

Acrosalenia hemicidaroides (ca. 60x).

Middle Jurassic, Landaville, France.

23x22 cm. Price: 300,-