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The foundations of the Oertijdmuseum in Boxtel, the Netherlands, were laid down when the Fraaije family started collecting fossils in 1970.
The first fossils they found were Ordovician sponges from Sibculo. In the following years, the family collected a lot more, both in the Netherlands and in other European countries. In 1983, the fossils were put on display in a small museum, the ‘Ammonietenhoeve’. Through the years, the family’s collection grew, and a bigger building was needed to house it. In 1999, the present ‘Oertijdmuseum’ opened to the public in Boxtel.
The museum has since made an inventory of the collection, to get an exhaustive overview of its fossils. It has become clear that the collection contains many duplicates and excess objects. Those specimens are now for sale. All have been cleaned and prepared in the museum’s professional palaeontological laboratory.